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nexTier Networks is redefining the way enterprises secure data by combining the most advanced data leak prevention technology with semantic analysis, automating data security with unparalleled insight to discover, classify, assess, and protect data anywhere.

Firewalling at the semantic layer

Interpreting a documentís DNA. Itís a radically simple way to better protect data.

nexTier Networks is redefining the way enterprises are safeguarding their sensitive data for the 21st century datacenter. By combining the most intelligent search capabilities available through semantic analysis with the most complete approach to data leak prevention, nexTier Networks automates security policies to instantly secure data against theft and misuse.

nexTier's Data Leak Prevention (DLP) technology prevents data loss by discovering data wherever it is located across the enterprise, analyzing that data and determining that dataís security value to the business. Much in the way that DNA is used to identify humans, nexTierís patent-pending algorithms interpret the unique DNA of data, correlates that information to security policies and uses that signature as a means of enforcing security policies against that data. Resistant to evasion, the algorithm can determine the origin of information even if it has been retyped into a brand new document or rearranged and reworded in an evasive manner.